Fall Asleep Using Homeopathic Sleep Aids

What are Homeopathic Sleep Aids?

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on curing the whole person. It works by prescribing a strongly diluted form of a substance that causes the specific symptoms that the patient is displaying. For homeopathic sleep aids to be effective, the patient’s symptoms must be accurately recorded. It is then matched with symptoms caused by certain substances, and that substance is then prepared into a homeopathic sleep aid.

Safer than Prescription Medication

Certain prescription medicines can have dangerous side effects as they contain strong and dangerous chemicals. They are only effective in the short term, as the body quickly builds a tolerance to them. Also, sleeping pills contain potentially addictive substances and can be quite dangerous. A person who takes pills for longer than the prescribed time could develop a dependency, not being able to sleep without taking the pills.

Homeopathic sleep aids, in comparison, are strongly diluted and thus unlikely to have any side effects. They are not addictive. Unlike prescription medicine, they are used to restore the body’s health and cure insomnia, not just mask the symptoms.

Types of Homeopathic Sleep Aids

There are many types of homeopathic sleep aids. These include herbal teas, which unlike most teas, do not contain caffeine. Valerian root and chamomile tea in particular are effective in treating sleeping disorders. Melatonin homeopathic pills are also used to help cure insomnia – unlike prescription medicine; these pills contain very small amounts of melatonin and will not exhibit any dangerous side effects. Aromatherapy uses the smells from essential oils to cure the effects of insomnia. Lavender oil is a popular sleep aid.

For homeopathy to be effective, it is important that the correct homeopathic sleep aid be chosen. A professional homeopathic practitioner can help you make the right choice.


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