Sleeping Remedies

Sleeping Remedies – Your Environment

If you are looking at sleeping remedies for an undisturbed night’s rest first assess


your surroundings. We spend approximately one third of our life asleep, this is essential for proper functioning of our mind and body. If you are having trouble sleeping a first option is to look closely at your sleep environment. If you have pleasant and tidy bedroom you are likely to fall asleep more easily, and have a restful night.  A bed must offer the ideal support for your body type along with comfortable pillows and bedding. Avoid stimulating technology such as television, video games, and computers at bedtime. Keep your sleep environment preserved for sleeping only as this will send the body cues and help it prepare for sleep.  


Sleeping Remedies – Create a Routine

Every parent will attest to the fact that routines rule!  Routines are the key to getting infants and young children to bed, but somehow as we grow older we neglect the bed time ritual. A bed time routine is one of the best sleeping remedies as it allows the body and mind the time required to process the events of the day and make the transition from active mode to a restful one that will be receptive to sleep. 

Common routines could include dimming the lights at a certain time every night. Activities such as reading, knitting or listening quietly to music have a soporific effect, focusing on the soothing activity as it is a sleep aid all by itself. 

Routines are unique to the people who participate in them.  The beauty of this sleep remedy is that you can tailor make your routine to suit your preferences.  A successful routine is not necessarily what it is comprised of but the level of consistency that is put into it. 

Sleeping Remedies – Your Diet

One cannot discuss sleeping remedies and not mention the importance of diet.  Certain foods and drinks such as coffee, chocolate, and tea contain stimulants and should be avoided before bed due to their caffeine levels but you can enjoy a glass of warm milk or a cup of chamomile tea.





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