Your Diet Can Cause Sleeplessness

Food is a Common Cause of Lack of Sleep

Food can have a profound effect on how easily you are able to fall asleep. It is a common

Cause of Lack of Sleep

Cause of Lack of Sleep

lack of sleep cause.UVJ4YZU3GYK9 An active stomach could also cause you to wake up during the night, either from having to go to the bathroom or through an over active digestive system. Making a few simple changes to your diet can help to combat this cause of lack of sleep.

Foods that Cause a Lack of Sleep

Your diet is more likely to cause a lack of sleep than to help you fall asleep. Common foods and diet habits to help you sleep better include:

  • Avoiding foods high in caffeine. Coffee, commercial teas and soft drinks are perhaps the most common source of caffeine in our diets. Caffeine is stimulant which makes it harder to fall asleep. Try not to consume it within 5-7 hours of your bedtime.
  • Avoiding sugar-rich foods, such as sweets. Sugar gives you a short burst of energy which makes it harder to sleep and is soon followed by a lull that could leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable.
  • Not eating large meals before bed. This sets your digestive system into action and could leave you feeling pretty poor. While your body is working hard to digest the food, it is unlikely that you fall asleep easily. Try to have dinner at least 3 hours before bed.
Cause a Lack of Sleep

Cause a Lack of Sleep

Foods that Can Help You Sleep Better

The foods that you should eat to help you sleep better are different from person to person. For some, it might be best to avoid food altogether just before bed. Foods that are rich in tryptophan, such as warm milk or turkey, are commonly thought to help aid in sleep. Also certain herbal teas, such as valerian and chamomile, might also help you fall asleep. For more information, visit lack of sleep causes.


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